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We want to thank all of our volunteers past, present and future because it is your work, care and commitment that make this house a home.

There are many ways you can help at VFFL.

Vancouver Friends for Life Society is a great place to share your time and skills. We’re always looking for energetic and kind people with specific skill sets, an interest in wellness and a passion for community.

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1. House volunteers

  • Brunch Team Member:  Are you interested in working with a small team to prepare our weekly complementary lunch? Do you enjoy you cooking? A volunteer commitment of once or twice a month would be ideal. 

  • Host: Are you a people person interested in greeting our client-members and answering questions about our services and programs? A volunteer commitment of one day to several days per month is possible.


2. Health-Care or Wellness Practitioner

  • Are you a certified health-care professional with specific skill sets in wellness?

  • Are you certified in a wellness practice that you are interested in sharing?


All of the our programs and services are provided by professional, certified health-care practitioners on a volunteer basis. 

All of our services are provided on a volunteer basis by certified practitioners. Our services must provide an element of wellness and/or health benefit to our members. Some services include massage therapy, acupuncture, art therapy, cooking classes, counselling, etc. Do you have a health and wellness skill/service you're interested in providing? We would love to see if it's a fit for our client-members.

To volunteer, see below for our volunteer application form. Please specify how you would like to contribute. All information provided is kept strictly confidential. 


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