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Brunch Thursdays


We are very proud of our brunch program and our wonderful brunch crews – the meals they craft are fit for top restaurants and we are grateful for their time, skill and care in preparing brunch.


Currently on Thursdays, our volunteer-led brunches are aimed at providing meals that are well balanced, nourishing and easily tolerated. The meals provided are especially crucial to many of our members who live on limited incomes such as disability benefits. Brunches also provide an important time for social interaction, countering the isolation that often accompanies living with life-challenging illness.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic – we are currently offering a bagged-brunch service served through the dining room door located on the veranda. Client-members are welcome to sit and enjoy their brunch on the veranda or the nearby garden until it is deemed safe to reopen the house for a sit-down meal.