Women's Wellness & Leadership Project

Vancouver Friends for Life Society is pleased to announce our new initiative to support women, all across British Columbia, with lived experience of HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV). 


The Women’s Wellness and Leadership Project is designed to support women on their own path to health and wellness. The project is accepting applications from women up to $2500 for support with self directed health and education ideas. We look forward to working with women across the province to support making these ideas reality to improve health, wellness, skills building and social connectivity.

Below are examples of eligible projects:


  • Expenses related to attendance at a health and wellness conference/women’s entrepreneurship/ or similar event. 

  • Personal development courses that improve a women’s ability to live and manage illness more effectively.

  • Returning to school to develop skills that in turn assist in living healthier with HIV/HCV where no other funds are available. i.e. sudent loans, scholarships from an institution or organization.

  • Holistic health therapies not covered by existing insurance, or free services available in one’s community. Particularly for women living outside of the lower mainland. 

  • Returning to work expenses, for required courses where no other funds are available to cover. i.e. Food safe, First Aid, or similar job requirements.

  • Art directed projects that include educational components and opportunities to share with women living with HIV and or HCV.

  • Innovative and unique opportunities to share your experience living with HIV/HCV amongst the greater provincial, national and/or global perspective. 


Please note our next funding round is specifically for Indigenous and Black women. 

Application Deadline:

September 30 2020

Please click here for the application template 

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!