The house will remain open to all one-on-one appointments which means that massages, acupuncture, naturopathy, Reiki, reflexology, and counselling sessions will continue to be offered at the house.

BRUNCH: Take-out service is available on Thursdays until the fall. Chairs have been set up at a safe distance on the veranda where members can sit and chat in the open air or just wait until a practitioner comes to get them for an appointment. We feel that this is the safest option until all restrictions are lifted and we can safely reopen the house.

We will continue to organize online activities such as webinars and cooking classes, so please check the website periodically to see what is being offered. If you are having trouble booking an appointment, please call or write to us about our waiting list. In line with directives from the BC Health Ministry, VFFL has closed off the living room and dining room areas to members until COVID-19 numbers decrease. We anticipate these areas remaining closed throughout the summer.

Please read the following policies below to better understand how we will move forward in the coming weeks regarding the mask and house access policies:

Mask policy: Many VFFL clients are immunocompromised. We must all do everything we can as a community to protect each other. All persons in the house are required to wear a mask at all times. Masks must cover both the nose and mouth. Given the rapid increase in the spread of variants, any person seen not wearing a mask under this policy will be reminded once. Any person seen not wearing a mask for a second time will not be permitted to access any VFFL programming or services for thirty (30) days. Any person seen not wearing a mask a third time will not be permitted to access any VFFL programming until the pandemic eases to the point this mask requirement is lifted. House access: Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. For now, we ask that you wait outside on the porch. Once your appointment begins, the host or a practitioner will come outside and escort you to your treatment room. Client members must leave the house immediately following the appointment. We know that many of you enjoy being able to chat with others before and after your appointment, so we will do our best to relax this rule when circumstances permit. For now, we must exercise an abundance of caution to keep everyone safe. If you would like to chat, please do so at a safe distance outside the house.

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